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Bert Scalzo’s Page

I am a renowned database expert, Oracle® ACE, author, speaker, currently HGST’s Chief Architect - Database Solutions, and formerly a member of Dell Software’s TOAD dev team. With three decades of Oracle® database experience to draw on, my webcasts garner high attendance and participation rates. My work history includes time at both Oracle Education and Oracle Consulting. I hold several Oracle Masters certifications and has an extensive academic background that includes a BS, MS and Ph.D. in computer science, as well as an MBA, and insurance industry designations (FLMA and ACS).

I am a highly sought-after speaker who has presented at numerous Oracle conferences and user groups, including OOW, ODTUG, IOUG, OAUG, RMOUG and many others. I enjoy sharing my vast knowledge on data modeling, database benchmarking, database tuning and optimization, "star schema" data warehouses, Linux® and VMware®.

As a prolific writer, I have produced educational articles, papers and blogs for such well-respected publications as the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), Oracle Magazine, Oracle Informant, PC Week (eWeek), Dell Power Solutions Magazine, The LINUX Journal, LINUX.com, Oracle FAQ and Toad World.

I am also known throughout the industry for my instructive books, which include:

I can be reached via email at: